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The Mini PT

Lightweight Pan and Tilt Unit for General Purpose Line of Sight Positioning

The Mini PT is an ultra-lightweight manual pan and tilt head developed for general-purpose support of video and still cameras and other optical/electro-optical equipment of up to 10kg. Payload interfaces are common to Instro’s Thor range of goniometers and Hornet range of motorised pan and tilts for maximum versatility.

Independent axis brakes enable the payload line of sight to be locked in any position within the pan and tilt head’s range of motion.

When used with a lightweight tripod such as the TriLite the robust digital magnetic compass-compatible construction and versatility of the Mini PT make it an ideal choice for multi-role surveillance tasks and for use with payloads that feature digital compass devices.

Main Advantages & Features

  • 10kg nominal payload capacity
  • Rugged lightweight and compact
  • Designed for ease and speed of deployment
  • Independent brakes for pan and tilt
  • Payload quick-release mechanism
  • Standard 5/8” 11 UNC tripod mount
  • Full +/- 45° tilt range
  • Digital magnetic compass compatible
  • Expandable – Payload adapters are available to suit most payloads
  • Versatile – payload and mounting interfaces common to Instro’s Thor range of goniometers and Hornet range of motorised pan and tilts

Features and Benefits

Ultra Lightweight

Independent Brakes for Pan & Tilt

Payload Quick Release Mechanism

  • Thermal / night vision equipment support
  • Multi-function binocular support
  • Laser rangefinder / designator support
  • Telescope and binocular support
  • Communications antenna support
  • Scientific instrument support e.g. weather or CBRN monitoring equipment
  • Generic interface adapters
  • Dual payload adapter
  • Carry bags
  • Matching lightweight tripods
  • Custom adapter assemblies
  • Removable steering handle
  • Custom payload adapter assemblies

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