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Rattler H

Revolutionary Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) for Coded Laser Markers

The Rattler™ H is a hand-held, man-portable high power target marker equipped with laser range finder and Digital Magnetic Compass to enable acquisition of accurate target data via a tablet to rapidly bring effective fire to bear on hostile targets. It’s miniature Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) makes it body wearable and accessible for immediate use during Troops in Combat situations and Close Air Support missions.

Rattler-H offers a unique and effective solution for:

  • Close Air Support (CAS) enhanced target engagement
  • Ground surface-to-surface precision laser-guided munitions target engagement
  • Laser handover of targets for rapid engagements

Main Advantages & Features

  • Allows CAS pilots positive and accurate targeting from a greater distance, minimising potential for collateral
  • Reduces sensor-shooter loop time through minimising talk on to target
  • Provides necessary information for CAS “9 line briefing format” via tablet
  • Fully integrates with target acquisition software

Features and Benefits




  • Individual soldier, Troops In Contact (TIC)
  • Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC)
  • Joint Forward Observer (JFO)
  • Forward elements of any ground unit
Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) Accuracy 2 degrees
Laser Range finder Up to 5000m
Display 2 Lines dot matrix display
Weight 1.25kg (including batteries)
Body Wearable Hip mounting holster
Mounting Options Picatinny rail for day/night sights, Mini see spot/SWIR optics

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