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Pictured: The Ajax being tested in extreme weather conditions in Sweden. Ajax, the British Army’s new generation of armoured fighting vehicle, has been put through its paces during cold weather trials in Sweden. The Ajax’s all-weather capability was tested in the wintry conditions of frozen Lapland, where the temperatures regularly dropped to minus 30 Celsius. Service personnel from the Household Cavalry Regiment based in Wiltshire successfully and accurately illustrated the Ajax platforms capacity to operate in extremely cold weather and fire on the move. The soldiers from the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment marked a significant milestone during the overseas trials, becoming the first Field Army crew to fire the Ajax at home or abroad. The combat vehicles mobility over difficult terrain and its high standard of protection, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) will provide a world-leading competitive advantage. Six variants of the Ajax family will allow the Army to operate in all weathers, 24 hours a day.

Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems

Pictured is the AJAX Armoured Fighting Vehicle. Photographer: Sgt Robert Weideman, RLC © Crown copyright 2024.

Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems

Instro’s vertical integration of mechanical and electro optic design with in-house manufacture makes us a partner of choice for specially engineered cameras, displays and GPS orientation sensors for applications on heavy and armoured vehicles.

Our expertise in Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems helps ensure that tight space constraints are met and that performance is maintained over extremes of temperature, shock and vibration. Ours is an approach that mandates a flexible but no compromises approach to cameras, displays and sensors where standard products are not an option.

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