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Integrated Targeting System

iFires is a highly advanced Integrated Targeting system, providing a modular open architecture targeting solution which can be integrated by Instro with any contemporary electro-optic target locator.

The iFires system consists of a number of interoperable modules designed to extend the capability of the chosen sensor, while providing significant advantage to the operator.

System flexibility means the user can make tailored selections from their equipment, configuring differently to each individual need. Be it basic handheld use, or long-range target acquisition, requiring accurate north referencing & precise angular measurements.

As an aid to situational awareness, iFires features a streamlined mapping capability accessible from all operational screens. This capability provides the operator with a useful visual overview of acquired targets with respect to the observers position.

The iFires targeting computer comes installed with Instro’s Targeting App.

Features and Benefits

Compatible for all joint fires observer tasks

Streamlined digital mapping for enhanced situational awareness

Simple integration with the leading EO sensors

  • Integration with leading EO sensors
  • Targeting computer with comprehensive
    target acquisition software, including
    streamlined digital mapping capability for
    enhanced situational awareness
  • Lightweight man portable package with low
    power consumption, high accuracy precision
    goniometer unit and lightweight tripod
  • Accurate north reference capability via
    dedicated accessory modules
  • Line of sight fine adjust control
  • Reversionary mechanical scales
  • DMC compatible
WEIGHT Goniometer - 2.5kg | Targeting Computer - 0.54kg | Tripod – 1.1kg to 2.72kg
GONIOMETER DIMENSIONS 178mm (D) x 173mm (W) x 124mm (H)
TARGETING COMPUTER DIMENSIONS 18mm (D) x 202.7mm (W) x 132mm (H)
OWN POSITION LOCATION BY GPS | Resection | Manual Entry
NORTH ORIENTATION BY Known point | Celestial alignment | solar compass | gyro compass | digital compass | manual entry
  • iFires is suitable for all Joint Fires
    observer tasks
  • Digital interface for leading EO sensors
  • Cable or Cable-less EO sensor interfacing
  • Customer specific grid
  • Power distribution unit with system cable

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