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Lightweight Digital Goniometer

The THOR digital goniometer has been designed for use in alignment-critical applications where it is necessary to accurately measure and maintain the line of sight to distant objects, with the ability of a full circle azimuth range.

Precise line of sight positioning and measurement make THOR an ideal choice for use with the latest generation of surveillance and target acquisition products and systems, such as iFires. THORs lightweight and compact design makes it particularly suited to man portable applications.

THOR features high resolution encoders providing reliable angle measurement better than 0.06°, while independently selectable line of sight fine adjustment mechanisms in both pan and tilt provide exceptional alignment precision and maintainability.

THOR is available in a number of configurations to suit different payload types up to 12kg, including options for cable-less payload interfacing.

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Features and Benefits

High accuracy and resolution

Circular level bubble plus reversionary mechanical scales

Low power consumption

  • Line of sight find adjust control
  • Low power consumption
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Selectable payload counterbalance
  • Rugged, lightweight and compact design
  • Circular level bubble plus reversionary mechanical scales
  • Full ±45° coarse tilt range
  • Standard 5/8″ 11 UNC tripod mount
  • DMC compatible construction
  • Cable-less payload connection option available
  • Multifunctional binocular support
  • Target Acquisition / Designation
  • Artillery and Mortar fire control
  • Special Forces, JFO and JTAC’s
  • Thermal and night vision equipment
  • Surveillance, video and still camera support
  • Gun laying
  • Digital interface for leading electro-optic sensors
  • Cable-less electro-optic senor integration
  • Goniometer payload interface type
  • On goniometer fire control
  • Goniometer paint colour

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