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High Accuracy Motion Control Pan and Tilt

The D2 motorised pan and tilt head offers high speed, high accuracy motion control in combination with a high level of line of sight motion stabilisation. Ideally suited for homeland security in permanent installations, the D2 is also available as a gyro-stabilised version, delivering a precise, stable line of sight control on moving platforms such as heavy wheeled vehicles, coastal surveillance systems or on tall masts as fixed mounted systems.


D2 can be configured to handle a wide range of sensors and sensor suites for long-range precision surveillance with typical payloads including thermal imagers and day/night cameras. Using an adapter, the D2 may also be used with the Groundmaster for tripod-mounted applications.

The D2 supports the latest digital video and communications via 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet making it particularly suitable for extended border control and surveillance consisting of multiple installations controlled over IP.

Main Advantages & Features

  • Rugged compact pan and tilt positioner/director
  • 14kg top mount and 25kg side mount payloads
  • 2x 1000Base-T payload IP streaming connections
  • Up to 4 analogue video channels
  • Ethernet and serial control
  • Modular gyro stabilisation
  • Modular digital image stabilisation
  • Modular 2-channel automatic video tracker
  • Controllable speed 0.1mil/Sec to 100deg/Sec
  • Continuous 360° pan operation with slip ring
  • ±90 Degree tilt range
  • 1 Mil positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Environmentally sealed

Features and Benefits

360 Degree Camera

Mast and tower based surveillance

Drivers vision aids

Land & Marine Applications

  • Mast-mounted surveillance cameras
  • Fast patrol boats
  • Heavy vehicle vision aids and systems
  • Port and shipping surveillance systems
  • Customs, coastguard and police vessels
  • Security and perimeter defence
  • 2 Axis gyro stabilisation
  • Built-in auto tracker
  • Built-in digital image stabilisation
  • Marine-grade environment protection
  • Alternative payload interfaces
  • Customer-specified colour


  • Starter kit for developers including system cables and Windows controller application
  • Tripod mount adaptor
  • Matching tripod
  • Quick release payload adaptors

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