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The D2 motorised pan and tilt head offers high speed, high accuracy motion control in combination with a high level of line of sight motion stabilisation. Ideally suited for users working with unstable mounting platforms, the high performance D2 is placed to address the design challenge encountered with accurate remote line of sight control of modern electro optic payloads.

Examples of such applications include heavy wheeled vehicle remote viewing systems, maritime surveillance systems or fixed systems mounted on tall, flexible masts. Typical payloads include thermal imagers, day / night cameras and combination EO sensor systems.

The D2 supports the latest digital video and communications via 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet making it particularly suitable for extended border control and surveillance consisting of multiple installations controlled over IP.

Main Advantages & Features 

  • High level gyro stabilised modular pan and
    tilt, suitable for a wide range of payload
    configurations and applications
  • Payload support for two streaming HD
    cameras with 1000Base-T Gigabit Ethernet
    with channel number/type customisation
  • Configuration options including built-in
    Auto tracker, Digital image stabilisation
    and Geo location
  • Rugged compact design
  • Environmentally sealed (IP67)
  • High accuracy, high axis speed (100°/s)
  • Slipring for continuous rotation
  • Highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • RS422 or 100Base-T Ethernet control

  • Camera line of sight control for fixed,
    marine and border surveillance
  • Fast patrol boats
  • Vehicle applications on the move
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Port authorities and shipping control
  • Customs and coastguard vessels
  • Security & perimeter defence
  •  Heavy wheeled vehicle remote
  • Maritime surveillance systems
  • Fixed mast mounted applications





  • PC based control software and cables
  • Hardware controller with monitor and
    digital video recorder
  • Tripod mount adaptor
  • Matching tripod
  • Quick release payload adaptors



  • Built-in automatic video tracker
  • Built-in frame rate digital image
  • Bespoke payload bracket design
  • Customer specific paint colour

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