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ED – 10MF Display

The E8D-10MF is a fully ruggedised multi function display unit designed for use in armoured vehicle and harsh environment applications. The display is protected by tough optically bonded glass capable of resisting accidental knocks and boot kicks.

A high quality backlit 10.1″ display module based on IPS Active Matrix LCD technology provides a wide viewing angle and exceptional viewing experience even in direct sunlight. The 1920 x 1200 pixel colour screen features 16.7M colour depth and is capable of displaying video from a wide variety of input sources including the 00-82 Gigabit Ethernet standard.
Inbuilt mission computer capability enables customer developed apps to run effortlessly on either ARM or Core i7 processors.

User interaction is intuitive with an HMI interface designed in accordance with defence standards. Features include direct ON/OFF + brightness controls along with customer application software configurable hard keys arranged around the screen
bezelfor ultimate HMI configuration flexibility.


Features and Benefits

Extremely high resolution with wide viewing angle

Built in mission computer module for customer developed apps

Capable of withstanding the harshest of environments

  • Fully ruggedised for use in armoured
    vehicles and harsh environments
  • 10.1″ colour Active Matrix LCD
  • High resolution (1920 x 1200)
  • Wide 85° viewing angle
  • Supported video interfaces
    Def-Stan 00-82 compliant Ethernet
    Composite, DVI, VGA, HD-SDI
  • DVI or optional HD-SDI output to enable
    screen mirroring
  • Built in mission computer module for
    customer developed applications.
  • Customer configurable HMI hard keys
  • Designed to Def-STAN & MIL-STD military
    equipment requirements
  • Ideal for new or retrofit applications
  • Situational awareness for armoured
  • Remote target acquisition and aiming
  • Force protection or perimeter
  • Touch screen
  • Mission computer processor
  • Mission software development kit
  • Video DSP processor for PIP, Chroma-key, α blending, scaling and resizing

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