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Our History

The beginning

Instro Precision Limited was founded in 1964 as a company specialising in precision metrology instrumentation.

In the early days, the company concentrated on sub contract manufacturing of individual components, but over the years developed this capability to assemble and test complete instruments.

This led to the research, development and manufacture of a range of Instro products, now recognised as our core product line – Precision Systems.

Initially the company developed tripods and head systems, including those used with the UK MoD’s Rapier ground to air defence system.

The range and precision of the products grew steadily, with advances including lightweight optical goniometers to support laser rangefinders and thermal imaging or low light TV systems.

Instro supplied more than 360 tripods and goniometer assemblies for the UK MoD’s Spyglass thermal imaging system, this lay the foundations to what is still, to this day, a trusted and reliable relationship between the UK MoD and Instro.

Precision Systems

Over the years

Instro have continued to strive for manufacturing excellence which has seen large investment in research & development. Meaning, our products have been superseded by more capable digital goniometers such as our Norseman, Viking 2000 and Thor.

Norseman and Viking 2000 feature inbuilt computational capability providing target co-ordinates with the pinpoint accuracy demanded by today’s advanced weapon systems.

Thor has been developed for use with the latest generation of multifunction sensors that feature their own target coordinate computational capability. The versatile Thor provides accurate angle data to these devices dramatically enhancing overall system accuracy.

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