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High Performance, Lightweight Compact Motorised Pan and Tilt Unit

The Hornet is Instro’s lightest and most compact motorised pan and tilt unit. Designed to be the same size as a goniometer, the Hornet features a standard tripod mounting interface to provide a truly man-portable solution for remote surveillance tasks where the use of hand-held sensors is impractical or dangerous to the user. A selectively illuminated level bubble is provided as an aid to deployment.

The Hornet is capable of axis speeds of up to 2.25° per second for standard versions and 10° per second for high-speed versions. Accurate line-of-sight position reporting is made possible by internal encoders in both azimuth and elevation. However for simple ‘point only’ applications the Hornet is available without encoders.

All versions feature an innovative anti-backlash and wear compensation mechanism plus a friction clutch in each axis to maintain accuracy. A low magnetic signature makes the Hornet suitable for use with payloads featuring Digital Magnetic Compasses. The Hornet is ideal for homeland security and surveillance tasks on the move where a high degree of mobility is required.

Main Advantages & Features

  • Suited to man-portable surveillance application
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rugged design
  • Level bubble to aid deployment
  • Environmentally sealed (IP67)
  • High pointing accuracy
  • RS422 communications
  • Precise speed control
  • Fast axis speed (10°/s) version available
  • Highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Quick release payload interface
  • Built-in tripod interface

Features and Benefits

Compact Unit

Lightweight rugged design

Camera Tilt

Illuminated level bubble

  • Mobile border surveillance
  • Tripod mounted observation posts
  • Customs and police applications
  • Environmental applications
  • Industrial security
  • Security & perimeter surveillance
  • Maritime colour and sealing
  • Customer-tailored remote control consoles and system cabling
  • Customer-specific mounting brackets
  • Customer-specific paint colour


  • Starter kits consisting of power/comms cable and basic PC-based controller application
  • Hardware controller with monitor and digital video recorder
  • Matching tripod
  • Quick release payload adaptors

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