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XACT th65

Marksman Uncooled Clip-On Thermal Weapon Sight

The XACT th65 is a high-performance modular, uncooled clip-on thermal weapon sight suitable for use on precision rifles up to 0.5″ calibre. Providing excellent image quality and long range detection for low unit weight, the XACT th65 is designed to provide the Marksman with a versatile night operations capability without the need for day to night boresight correction.

A novel flip aside mechanism enables the Marksman to instantly revert to day sight telescope from thermally enhanced image and vice versa. For comfort and convenience, the XACT th65 features an intuitive on-screen menu and cable connected handheld remote control. The XACT th65 uses easy to source commercial CR123 lithium batteries giving an impressive runtime.

The XACT th65 can easily be mounted in front of any day sight telescope and does not interfere with the telescope’s existing line of sight (LOS) and shooting correction system.

Features and Benefits

Easily integrated with precision rifle telescope without the need for re-zeroing

High thermal image quality & Video output

Instant revision to day sight with flip aside adapter

  • Marksmen uncooled clip-on TWS
  • All digital display and operation
  • Flip aside adapter allowing instant reversion
    to day sight telescope
  • High thermal image quality & video output
  • Compatible with most modern precision rifle
    optics (S&B, Leupold, US Optics, etc.)
  • Easily integrated with precision rifle telescope
    without a need for re-zeroing
  • Suitable for use with most precision rifle
  • Robust compact aluminium body


ENGINE Shutter-less uncooled thermal engine
RANGE DETECTION Human 1500m/ Vehicle 2800m
RANGE RECOGNITION Human 650m/ Vehicle 1700m
DIMENSION 150mm x 80mm x 60mm (LxWxH)
POWER SOURCE/RUN TIME 2 x Lithium batteries (CR123 type)/ > 5 Hours continuous
FIELD OF VIEW 10° x 7.7°

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