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XACT th64

Uncooled Lightweight Thermal Weapon Sight

The XACT th64 is a high-performance uncooled thermal weapon sight with excellent thermal sensitivity for target discrimination and recognition in total darkness or in obscured daylight conditions.

Operationally the XACT th64 can be used with an extensive range of firearms, employing mounting systems and adapters which are available to suit.

The easy to use XACT th64 features all digital operation with a genuine fully shutter-less and NUC-less thermal engine removing the need for calibration and the added benefit of a built-in capability to record video and still images.

The XACT th64 enables high-precision shooting by direct observation. The outstanding night vision capability, robust aluminium body and the ability to operate in harsh conditions make it an effective solution for a wide range of environments and tactical battlefield scenarios.

Features and Benefits

Built-in recorder allows capture of images and video

Enables high-precision target recognition in total darkness

Operator selectable reticules with an integrated laser pointer

  • Lightweight medium range uncooled TWS
  • Extended eye relief
  • wide range of mounting systems & adapters available
  • All digital display & operation
  • Built-in recorder capturing images & video
  • Operator selectable reticules
  • Integrated laser pointer
  • BMS & communication systems interface
  • Robust
ENGINE Shutter-less uncooled thermal engine
RANGE DETECTION Human 1300m/ Vehicle 2400m
RANGE RECOGNITION Human 600m/ Vehicle 1400m
DIMENSION 159mm x 86mm x 76mm (LxWxH)
POWER SOURCE/RUN TIME 4 x Lithium batteries (AA type)/ > 9 Hours continuous
FIELD OF VIEW 12° x 9° or 36° x 27°

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