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Rattler XR

Network Enabled Laser Target Designator for Close Air Support and Joint Fire Support

The Rattlerâ„¢ XR network enabled laser target designator is a dismounted hand-held, man-portable unit. When connected to other sensors or networks, the Rattler-XR can share and receive data and video, promoting enhanced interoperability.

The Rattler-XR supports long range precise STANAG 3733 designation promoted by integrated laser see-spot capability and spillover alert indications.

Main Advantages & Features

  • Built in Laser See Spot and Spot Spillover Alert
  • Typical effective ranges: 10km
  • Facilitates rapid acquisition of target co-ordinates
  • Interoperability by full communication and video interfaces
  • Digital FHD camera with built in automatic mission recording
  • Remote operation (optional)
  • Night designation capability (option)
  • Simple and intuitive HMI

Features and Benefits

Improved survivability

Built in Laser see spot

Enhanced connectivity

  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Power adaptors
  • Set of cables
  • Field carrying case
  • Tripod
  • Transportation case

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