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Compact Night-Vision-Goggle Binoculars

The Micro XACT nv33 night vision system is the industry leading image intensifier, delivering the highest quality resolution, usability and crystal-clear image even under the most adverse conditions.

This compact and lightweight device, has been selected by the UK MoD as the new in-service night vision system, nv33 is operationally proven, mature and reliable, giving our soldiers the upper hand.

The user-friendly binocular design is easily operated by one hand, has the flexibility to move each individual tube separately and a tilt-to-activate feature allowing the operator to concentrate without undue distraction.

Main Advantages & Features

  • Robust aluminium body suitable for operation in
    rough environment
  • Micro compact and revolutionarily lightweight
  • Minimal line-of-sight deviation
  • Adjustable head-tilt based shut off mechanism
  • Complies with MIL- STD 810
  • Long battery life

The night vision goggle is also available as a monocular, the micro XACT nv32.

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Features and Benefits

Head, helmet or weapon mountable

Wide field of vision with reduced halo effect

Compact and lightweight

Integrated Infrared laser illuminator

  • Optimized for vehicle-borne operations as well as
    front-line missions
  • Law enforcement as well as military
  • Continuously changing light environments, such as
    closer-quarter operations
Configuration: Binocular
Optical Magnification: X1
Image Intensifier Tube Up to FOM 2300
Weight Under 450g (w/o battery)
Field of View 40°
Focus Range 25cm to infinity
Eye Relief 25mm
Diopter -6 to +2D
Power Source Single 1.5V AA (Alkaline) / 3.6V (Lithium) batteries, battery pack or external power source
  • Mounting interface
  • Helmet battery pack
  • Intensifier tube performance
  • Colour
  • Transportation case
  • Smart repair and logistical software

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