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The Latest Generation of Compact Remote Surveillance Solutions

Instro’s ROS (Remote Observation System) provides a complete ‘off the shelf’ wired or wireless solution for users who wish to add a highly portable rapidly deployed and self-contained remote surveillance capability to traditionally handheld sensors.



Features and Benefits

Rapid deployment in covert surveillance

Ideal for dismounted troops

Advanced lightweight system, in both wired & wireless configurations

  • Configurable to use in-service sensors
  • System includes a convenient backpack, with a
    tough transit case for storage and transportation
  • Lightweight one man carry
  • Rugged and durable. Easy to set up and use
  • Remote surveillance via cable or wireless
    communication link
  • 1000m clear line of sight wireless control
    capability (longer range options available)
  • High precision motorised pan and tilt unit for
    accurate sensor LOS (Line of Sight) positioning
  • Compact control console featuring hardware
    joystick and large colour multi-point touch screen
    for touch controls, video and digital map display
  • Digital video recording and stills capture
  • Offers full remote control of up to four
    remote sensor/ precision pan and tilt head
  • Ethernet connectivity to PC and/or digital
    communications infrastructure
  • Low system power consumption
  • Operates from a wide range of power
  • Dismounted Reconnaissance
  • Rapid Deployment Perimeter Surveillance
  • Remote Forward Observation
  • Rapid Deployment Covert Surveillance
  • Border Surveillance
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Police and Customs

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