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COAPS is an advanced modular dual axis stabilised sight, for Main Battle Tanks & Armoured Fighting Vehicles. Based on open architecture, it is easily adaptable to sensor additions/changes.

COAPS facilitates long-range target acquisition day & night, for both stationary and moving targets. With a wide range of advanced sensors, thermal imagers, colour zoom cameras and eye-safe laser range finders. It provides an independent 360° panoramic view, with hunter-killer capabilities.

Features and Benefits

Advanced modular dual-axis stabilised sight

Long-Range target acquisition for stationary & moving targets

Provides Hunter-Killer capabilities

LINE OF SIGHT Elevation: -20° to +60°
STABILISATION ACCURACY Better than 100mrad (1s)
POSITIONING Better than 100mrad (1s)
VIBRATION MIL-STD-810E, Method 514.4
SHOCK 75g, 5msec

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