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Instro- Where History and the Future Collide

05th May 2022

While the tech at Instro may be thoroughly future-forward, we have long links over our 40-year history within the UK, helping to build a better future for all. Today we take a deep dive into the founding moments of Instro, the impact we’ve had on precision engineering and rugged design, and the values that make up the very core of how we do business.


Instro in the UK

While Instro has a product presence in over 50 countries through our ties with Elbit Systems, our roots remain in the UK, where we’ve been in operation since 1964. We’re proud to offer the world the very best of cutting-edge precision technologies, being utilised in a variety of industries from direct-to-end-user solutions through larger OEM creations integrating our specialist engineering into wider holistic systems.

Precision Systems

We’re recognised globally for our core precision goniometers, gyrocompasses, pan & tilt systems (both manual and motorised), and a wide range of tripod technologies that empower British businesses to work at their very best.

A core part of this long history has been harnessing the potential of accurate angle measurement technologies and methods, leaving us able to offer our clients a wealth of modern tech to make their working environments smarter, not harder. We’re proud to help companies better themselves through:

  • Cutting-edge analogue and digital circuit design, including microprocessor and FPGA technologies
  • Embedded, application-focused software development, particularly in the digital video and map display fields
  • North-finding geographic calculations using celestial, solar, magnetic, and earth rate modalities
  • Precision mechanical design that stands up to everything nature and society throws at it, all at a minimum size, weight, and power
  • Servo systems that allow for precise sensor-driven control
  • Expert systems engineering and integration, ensuring full-suite technological solutions.

It’s our aim to deliver top-end, high-performance solutions that remain cost effective and practical in the field, easy to use but reliable through any conditions.

Keeping Britain Safe

Alongside our ground breaking technologies, we are honoured to remain a key partner in ensuring a safer, better future for the British armed forces. We offer a wide range of soldier systems, special forces solutions, target acquisition and joint fires, combat vehicles systems, and more, all made with the same critical standards and quality that have built the Instro name from its humble beginnings as one man’s vision of a better future.

Instro History

We’ve created these critical systems from the ground up as original subcontract component manufacturers, giving us inside-out experience as we evolved to handle full instrumentation systems in-house with our own fleet of engineers.

We started with our work in tripod and head systems, including a critical part of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Rapier defence system. As technology marched on, so did we, allowing us to onboard our specialist field in lightweight optical goniometers. With this technology under our belts, we can harness the power of laser rangefinders and thermal imaging to allow for low-light systems that you can rely on no matter what conditions offer.

We’ve continued to build on this early legacy to create a name that’s synonymous with capability, practicality, and the very best of cutting-edge technology, evolving into modern latest-gen multifunctional sensor systems providing accurate angle data and quality user experience. All while keeping our customers front-and-centre of our mind, ensuring fantastic customer service and a customer experience that delivers where it counts.

A Local Stalwart

It is our reputation for manufacturing excellence that has allowed us to leverage these technological advancements into comprehensive systems that meet our customer’s goals with pinpoint accuracy. While it’s only a small part of what we do at Instro, we’ve been a key supplier of Night Vision Goggles to the UK MoD, helping those on the front lines work safely and with precision.

These stem from our purpose-built factory in Sandwich, Kent, which has been our home since its inception in 2019. Here, we continue to give back to the local community through employment opportunities and local infrastructure. In fact, we’ve become the first UK-based company to offer 24-hour turnarounds on key orders, meeting the customer’s needs without compromising their experience! Our fully-secure facility allows us to offer complete peace of mind, while our expert employees bring some of the best and brightest minds in the UK to the table to solve modern and future problems.

Through our dedicated engineering team, we pride ourselves in offering innovative, bespoke issues to the problems they encounter in the field. Capability integration is critical, meaning we offer comprehensive big-picture solutions to our customers that never fail to deliver where it counts.

Instro knows, however, that even the best companies need to work together, so we’ve carefully cultivated a network of specialist electro-optic providers with the same dedication to detail and quality offerings as we offer, ensuring every part of the process conforms to the Instro ideals and high standards.

Into the Instro Future

Nor are we willing to rest on our past achievements! We’re always in pursuit of the very best modern electro-optic solutions for our clients. From in-house R&D to harnessing the best of available technologies to leverage in our ever-expanding product lines, we’re proud to offer our supporters only the very best, cutting-edge products. With our expanded manufacturing facilities, we’re more ready than ever to meet- and shape- the future of optical sensors and integrated product lines for our customers while maintaining the same ultra-high standards of quality and service.

Instro is inverted in a better future for all, as we continue to invest in the customers who trust us with these precision-critical systems and manufacturing. It’s time to experience the Instro future for yourself.

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