Checkfire is a self-contained GPS based field artillery safety system designed for use during field artillery training exercises to provide the safety officer in charge with a remotely operated, independent and reliable means of verifying gun
azimuth and elevation.

The system is based around a high performance GPS orientation and attitude module used in conjunction with Instro’s field artillery safety officer application software. The versatile Checkfire system is supplied as individual sets of cased equipment containing items relating to either safety officer or gun crew.

Safety officer equipment consists of a rugged laptop with embedded field artillery safety system software, associated power supplies, cables and radio modem. Gun crew equipment consists of the GPS orientation and attitude module along with all of
the required cables, mounting brackets, fixings and tools to enable the gun crew to easily deploy and install the equipment on their gun.

Main Advantages & Features

  • A modular artillery safety system ideal
    for OEM or retrofit applications
  • Gun orientation data transmission via
    convenient radio link
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Designed to operate from locally
    derived vehicle power
  • Instro’s intuitive field artillery safety
    officer application software
  • Minimal training requirement both for
    the user and the maintainer
  • Versatile- A single safety officer can
    monitor a battery of up to eight guns



  • Field artillery training exercise safety