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Unparalleled DIRCM Protection for Medium and Large Jet Aircraft

The Threat – MANPADS
The global proliferation and availability of highly transportable and extremely lethal shoulder-fired missiles has increased significantly in recent years, with such missiles finding their way into the hands of terrorists. These heat-seeking an-aircraft missiles (MANPADS) pose a serious threat to transport aircraft, tankers, special mission platforms and VIP jets.

The Solution – IN_CMS
IN_CMS is a market leading Directed Infra-Red Counter Measure (DIRCM) system, optimised to protect jet aircraft from MANPADS. The IN_CMS system is designed for distributed installation on a variety of aircraft types, in a single or multi-turret configuration. The IN_CMS system is highly advanced and fully proven. IN_CMS is part of the Instro DIRCM Family, which has a proven track record of protecting multiple types of aircraft against heat-seeking ground-to-air IR missiles.

Superior protection
Built on years of proven experience in the military environment, IN_CMS facilitates effective, reliable and affordable protection under all operational conditions. IN_CMS integrates advanced fibre laser technology together with a high frame-rate thermal camera and a small, dynamic high-speed sealed-mirror turret to deliver the highest levels of DIRCM defence against a wide range of IR missile threats.

Open architecture
IN_CMS is light-weight, compact, and easily installed on a broad range of aircraft types, in both single and multi-turret configurations. The open architecture solution can also be integrated with various Missile Warning Systems (MWS) for the most comprehensive level of protection in the civil and military market.


  • Distributed configuration and flexible installation
  • Open architecture for integration with various type of MWS
  • Fully automatic and autonomous – no crew involvement needed during engagement
  • Hyper hemispherical dome for maximum coverage
  • Dual-band laser, each band independently programmable
  • Proven in real-life scenarios
  • Open to accept user-defined jamming codes

  • Fast, accurate threat detection and jamming
  • Handling multiple threat scenarios
  •  High performance, comprehensive protection
  • Effective in all operational conditions
  • Up-gradable for future threats
  • High reliability leading to low life cycle cost




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