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trainee graduate engineer programme

Instro’s Trainee Graduate Engineer Programme

16th August 2022

Instro Precision has previously sponsored engineering graduates through the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Programme. The programme looks to provide local young engineers with a mentor and work experience over an extended period.

Instro’s engineering is all completed in-house, and customised to suit the customer and the project on-hand. Our engineering team often engages with the local community by visiting grammar schools and by completing STEM work outside of their everyday duties. Instro is the employer of choice for any local, budding trainee graduate engineers.

Instro caught up with one of its recent graduate engineers and asked them for their feedback on the trainee graduate engineer programme.

Why did you decide to apply for a graduate programme at Instro Precision Ltd?

I was very much drawn to Instro because of the fact that almost everything is done in-house; from the engineering design, all the way to packing the products and sending them out the door to customers. This provides a great opportunity to gain an understanding across a wide variety of disciplines, which further allows you to perform your specific role more effectively.

Tell us about the Instro team and your role.

I mainly worked within the engineering team to develop a new product for the company’s pan and tilt platforms. I really enjoyed seeing the full product development from the very early prototype stages, through to production and initial integration with the customer. The success of the project was a result of the work from all departments at Instro and seeing it all come together was very fulfilling.

What was your first week like?

The team was very welcoming throughout my graduate programme and I found it an easy environment to settle into. The first week was mostly used to get up to speed with the work I would be doing as well as completing mandatory online training courses.

What are the most valuable skills that you’ve learnt?

Being part of a relatively small engineering team gave me invaluable experience, as I was given the opportunity to take on responsibilities. This gave purpose to the work I was doing and made it really enjoyable and fulfilling. Taking on responsibility gave me experience in handling work schedules to meet deadlines, as well as being able to communicate effectively with the rest of the team whenever new challenges were faced or new ideas had been discovered.

Do you have any advice for someone thinking of taking on a graduate programme at Instro Precision Ltd?

I would definitely recommend a graduate programme at Instro. The work is guaranteed to be interesting and it is a great environment to further strengthen the skills you learnt at university.

What is your role now – can you explain a bit about your day-to-day duties?

For the past year, I have returned to university and am completing a 1-year Masters. I have definitely noticed that the experience that I gained during my graduate programme has allowed me to make the most out of my studies.

Instro’s Trainee Graduate Engineer Programme Availability

Instro Precision does not currently have any open positions for new trainee graduates but we do hope to make new positions available in the very near future.

Please keep a regular eye on our vacancies section for more information about roles as they become available.

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