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Attending & Sponsoring Future Soldier Technology 2022

17th January 2022

Instro Precision Limited will be attending Future Soldier Technology 2022!

7th March to 9th March 2022 – London, United Kingdom

Not only are we sponsoring the event, but we will also be presenting a 30 minute speech!

Use the link below to get all the details!

Future Soldier Technology 2022 : Defence & Security : UK (

Meet Future Tech, Today

In a world of ever-changing technology, what does the future bring? It’s a question that’s never far from our minds, whether it’s trying to figure out how to work your next-gen iPhone or contemplating the newest technological revolution. While Instro doesn’t have all the answers, we certainly have a key role to play in building a better future. That’s why we’re taking to the road with the Future Soldier Technology conference this March 8th.

What is the Future Soldier Technology Conference?

Now in its 8th year, the Future Soldier Technology Conference returns to London on the 8th and 9th of March, and Instro is proud to be a silver sponsor of the event. One of their most anticipated events, the Dismounted Situational Awareness Focus Day will take place on the 7th March this year.

The aim is to help senior officers and programme managers enhance their programmes and liaise with noted experts from within the defence industry. This allows for vital networking and key exposure to the cutting edge of technology in the industry.

Future Soldier Technology is one of the only dedicated forums specifically focusing on this aspect of the industry, so it’s a critical hub for insight and learning. This means they take the created care selecting participants, especially those heading the discussions and panels. Together, this ensures that all parts of the community, industry included, are represented and have a voice.

For 2022, Soldier Modernisation Programmes is the theme and driving arc of the conference. How to keep fighting troops capabilities at the cutting edge of technology, where that intersects with traditional notions of defence, and how to better protect this backbone of the armed forces. This includes scope from soldier system power supply and ballistics protection right through human factors and critical welfare items like ergonomics alongside survivability and reduction of harm using better technological advances.

Enter Instro

This is why Instro will not only be in attendance, but are excited to be sharing some wisdom and technological innovation that overlaps with the sphere at our dedicated 8th March 15:30 presentation. We won’t spoil all the details, of course! Be there, or miss out.

However, you can expect to hear our experts engage with key figures around the most critical of issues- helping to increase our soldiers survivability, overall situational awareness and increase their lethality, allowing them to operate effectively and decisively in hostile environments..

As with so many aspects of life, much of this relies on efficient and streamlined communication channels. Without fast, accurate information being passed in a timely manner to friendly forces and commanders, the overall situational awareness is impacted and it’s impossible to react to developing situations in the best possible way.

That’s why Instro has our development teams working around-the-clock to ensure only the best integrated electro-optical technology reaches those in critical need of split-second information transmission. We use a reliable and effective C4I communications network with full integration to ensure users can not only send, but also receive, the information they need with ease. In turn, this ensures situational awareness ffar beyond the current, in-service night vision technological capabilities. In particular, we will be focusing on our nv33 night vision goggle system. With 16mm white phosphorus tubes, these are one of the lightest goggles currently on the market, combining exceptional clarity with a small size and compact design that’s intuitive to use and easy to carry. Coupled with the latest in smart eye technology, the Xact se provides the user with an augmented reality layer. This small, lightweight heads up display (HUD) gives the operator a variety of advanced applications, all displayed on a small high definition display. From accurate positioning information and advanced navigation to live video link from a connected thermal weapon site and friendly forces locator information.

It’s Instro’s mission to optimise and revolutionise how the world thinks about, and uses, electro-optical sensors, ensuring they are manufactured using only the very best technologies currently available. A mission we’ve more than delivered on in our 5 decades of service, and continue to do so for the future. We are thrilled to have the chance to present these groundbreaking, cutting edge, next generation soldier systems to an invested and interested audience this way.

Tomorrow and Beyond

The Future Soldier Technology Conference is the first anchor event on Instro’s calendar for the year, but it’s not our last, either. We’re proud to have a critical leadership voice to share in this cutting-edge arm of commercial and military development. You’ll find us represented at many more events throughout 2022, in which we’ll be exploring the best of modern science and how to integrate it for a seamless, efficient, and productive experience for those working on the ground, be it through accurate, clear night vision or reliable and effective 3D mapping.

The electro-optical sensory band, spanning nearly the full spectrum from ultraviolet through to near-infrared, holds many promises for the future-forward capabilities of mankind. Enabling modern technology to not only receive vast amounts of data and process it faster than ever before, but also to understand the information being fed to it and more importantly, what that information means to the soldier on the ground. From far beyond the visible light spectrums opens up an entire new world of possibilities and applications.

While the Future Soldier Technology Conference, of course, places an emphasis on the ground uses for the technology among our serving men and women, the greater applications of electro-optical sensors allow for unparalleled levels of information processing, ideal to deepen our understanding of the world around us and, in turn, create meaningful dialogue and solutions across a wide range of uses- up to and including allowing for critical information on climate change and other globally important arenas.

Instro is proud to be helping to shape a future in which the very best of technology can foster better on-the-ground responses and informed reactions to a variety of human issues. With the Future Soldier Technology Conference as the perfect icebreaker for a jam-packed and exciting year, we are thrilled to be able to explore the full scope of our powerful, innovative electro-optical solutions to its fullest with engaged and knowledgeable audiences.

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