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MSP – Marine

MSP-Marine is a day and night multi sensor observation head, especially developed for naval and marine applications. The system provides continuous 360° horizontal and ±45° vertical camera positioning with high levels of gyro and image stabilisation.

Using thermal imaging and Sony CCD day TV technology, MSP-Marine includes an uncooled dual field of view (45mm / 135mm) thermal imaging camera for day and night operation.

MSP-Marine is rugged and designed to withstand marine operating conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity with marine grade connectors and environmental seals.



Features and Benefits

Gyro Stabilised pan-and-tilt platform

Environmentally sealed housing that is light weight, rugged and robust

Threat identification capability

  • Cost effective day night system on a gyro
    stabilised PTZ
  • Digital image stabilisation as standard
  • Thermal camera with resolution of
    640X480 (17µm)
  • Auto focus thermal imaging Dual FOV
  • Automatic focus CCD 26x optical zoom
    (42°-1.7°) with continuous digital zoom 4x
  • Environmentally sealed housing
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Threat identification capability
  • Light weight, rugged and robust
  • Coastguard and marine police
  • Port and shipping control
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Customs and excise


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