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Directed Infra-Red Counter Measure (DIRCM) System for Jet Protection

The Threat – MANPADS
Heat seeking, anti-aircraft missiles, man-portable air-defence systems (MANPADS), pose a serious threat to commercial aviation and VIP aircraft. The global proliferation and availability of these highly transportable and extremely lethal missiles has increased significantly in recent years, finding their way into the hands of terrorists and hostile non-state organisations. A missile attack against a commercial or VIP aircraft will, in most cases, result in loss of the aircraft and of passengers aboard.

The Solution – IN_CMP
IN_CMP provides powerful DIRCM protection against MANPADS for large jet aircraft, built on years of proven experience in the military environment. IN_CMP is a Civil Aviation Authority certified, laser-based, fully automatic and autonomous system that provides large jet aircraft with comprehensive protection against advanced heat-seeking ground-to-air missiles.

The IN_CMP System
IN_CMP is contained in a single, fuselage-mounted pod and employs advanced missile detection and jamming techniques to deliver superior aircraft protection. The system is fully operational in a wide variety of aircraft around the world, including many transporting heads of state and VIPs. The low-profile pod can be rapidly dismounted from one aircraft and remounted on another aircraft, enabling a number of pods to serve an entire fleet.

Fully Operational and Proven
IN_CMP is certified and installed on Boeing B777, B747, B737, B757 and B767 and on Airbus A330 and A320 aircraft – all with negligible impact on the platform’s performance. Fully proven through a wide set of flight tests and live fire tests, IN_CMP has accumulated tens of thousands of operational hours on multiple aircraft platforms. The system has been proven elective in the full range of operational conditions, providing the global aviation industry protection against MANPADs attacks.

Features and Benefits

Fast, accurate threat detection and jamming

Fully automatic and autonomous

  • Operationally proven in real-life missile fire scenarios
  • No crew involvement needed during engagement
  • Cockpit control unit for simple operation
  • Contained in a single low-drag pod
  • Simple and rapid mounting and dismounting from the aircraft
  • High reliability leading to low maintenance costs
  • Civil Aviation Authority certified for numerous types of platforms
  • Fast, accurate threat detection and jamming
  • Handles multiple threat scenarios
  • High performance, comprehensive protection
  • Effective in all operational conditions
  • Low life cycle costs

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