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XACT th100

Uncooled Thermal Weapon Sight for Heavy Machine Guns

The XACT th100 is a high-performance modular, uncooled thermal sight suitable for use on heavy machine guns up to 40mm calibre. A special design enables the operator to observe a high-quality display without the need to press the eyepiece to their eye effectively neutralising the effects of the extreme vibration and shock conditions which characterise heavy machine gun firing. This feature also ensures that the operator never loses situational awareness or orientation when observing the target.

The XACT th100 requires a short learning curve to become proficient in its use. A video output provides a remote LOS viewing capability. The outstanding night vision capability, robust aluminium body and the ability to operate in harsh conditions make it an ideal choice for use in all battlefield environments.

The XACT th100 enables long range high-precision shooting by direct observation and is an effective solution for use on heavy machine guns in a wide range of tactical battlefield scenarios.

Features and Benefits

Provides a remote LOS viewing capability

High thermal image quality, digital zoom and Wide FOV

Battle proven on a large variety of weapons 7.62 – 40mm

  • Heavy machine gun TWS
  • Extremely long eye relief (binocular)
  • Ballistic reticule
  • Provides the user with a clear image of
  • High thermal image quality, digital zoom and
    wide field of view
  • Bale proven on a large variety of weapons:
    7.62 mm / 0.338″ / 0.5″ / 20 mm / 40 mm
  • Simple system operation
  • Video output
  • Operated either by commercial batteries or
    external power source
  • Robust compact aluminium body
  • Submersible to 20m
  • Complies with MIL-STD 810
ENGINE Shutter-less uncooled thermal engine
RANGE DETECTION/RECOGNITION NATO Target Detection 2600m/ Recognition 1600m
SENSOR ARRAY 640 x 480 pixels
DIMENSION 320mm x 140mm x 120mm (LxWxH)
POWER SOURCE 4 x Lithium batteries (CR 123 type)/ 12 – 36 Vdc
EYEPIECE Binocular (long eye relief)

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