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Meerkat FA

Meerkat Fine Adjust is a compact lightweight unit which has been optimised for size and weight and designed to allow the user to easily fit a variety of sensor payloads, including those featuring digital magnetic compasses.

This versatile, portable tripod is particularly useful for applications where the payload line of sight must be precisely positioned onto a distant object of interest. The user can position the payload, lock the line of sight and then use the fine adjust mechanism to make very fine adjustments to achieve precise alignment.


Main Advantages & Features

  • Rugged lightweight and compact design
  • Designed for ease and speed of
  • Independently adjustable leg angle and
    telescopic leg length
  • Integrated pan and tilt unit with
    independent axis braking action
  • Line of sight fine adjust mechanism in
    both pan and tilt
  • Circular level bubble
  • Unrestricted coarse pan range
  • Full +/- 45° coarse tilt range
  • DMC compatible construction
  • Choice of operational heights

  • Multifunction binocular
  • Night time survey using thermal and
    night vision equipment
  • Surveillance, video & still camera
  • Laser rangefinder / designator



  • Tripod height
  • Tripod Colour
  • Custom payload adapter assemblies






  • Standard interface adapters
    – 1/4” 20 UNC
    -3/8 BSW
  • Dual payload adapter
  • Footplate and pin sets
  • Carry pouches


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