GPS Based North finding and Navigation Module with Integral Backup Inertial Measurement Unit

Instro’s GNAV is a GPS based north finding, position and attitude determination module designed for effective use in ferro magnetic environments such as heavy vehicles and ships where electronic compass based solutions are not viable and where inertial systems are too costly.

Due to GNAVs unique design concept, accurate direction can be determined while stationary, along with position and attitude. GNAV modules are packaged in a heavy duty, thick wall aluminium housing providing a high degree of mechanical protection.

The GNAV’s integrated 3 axis IMU provides azimuth data continuity during short periods of GPS reception loss as well as an increased data output rate over its RS422/RS232 data link. The design and ease of installation and use of the GNAV module makes it ideally suited to vehicle retrofit applications.

Main Advantages & Features 

  • Self contained orientation module
  • Provides North orientation when
  • Provides position, pitch and roll
  • Not sensitive to magnetic environment
  • Orientation backup by built-in inertial
    measurement unit
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • Operates from locally derived vehicle
    power supply
  • Rugged machined aluminium casing
  • Environmentally sealed (IP67)
  • RS422 communications
  • Ideal for OEM or retrofit applications

  • Armoured vehicles
  • Radars & surveillance platforms
  • Mobile mounted weapons platforms
  • Artillery platforms & missile launchers
  • Mobile mounted weapons platforms
  • Ships and maritime applications



  • Vehicle specific mounting brackets
  • Customised mechanical interfacing
  • Electrical interface and conductivity
  • Vehicle specific cabling and power supply interfacing
  • Enclosure colour