Surveillance Platforms

Instro’s focus on high end industrial and military surveillance, makes us a leading supplier of motorised line of sight controls for medium and long range cameras. Our pan and tilts provide round the clock operation for arctic, desert, jungle and naval environments.

Solutions range from motorised pan and tilt positioners for OEM’s integrating their own cameras, to pre-integrated surveillance systems fitted with reference payloads.

Instro’s modular surveillance architecture includes factory fitted options for gyro stabilisation, video image stabilisation, video tracking and geo location. These features ensure that port authorities, border and critical infrastructure protection agencies have the capabilities they need, without requiring costly engineering or lengthy integration cycles.

Motorised Pan and Tilt Heads

Instro’s motorised pan and tilt units have a high performance zero backlash design for precision remote control of camera and sensor payloads. With variants suitable for land, sea and vehicle based systems, Instro’s platforms offer solutions for a wide range of security, surveillance and positioning applications.

Surveillance Systems 

Instro’s range of surveillance systems use a modular approach aims to offer customers near custom surveillance solutions without long development programs and at competitive costs. Installations have been made on vehicles, ships, towers and tripods.