Vehicle Systems

Instro’s experience with rugged motorised platforms and sensor integration has given us a key role in the implementation of many vehicle vision systems. A natural extension of our capabilities is to work closely with vehicle OEMs and integrators to engineer camera, display, sensor and positioner solutions which are tailored to the characteristics of the vehicle itself.

Our vision solutions now feature on the latest state of the art tracked and wheeled vehicle programs. Capabilities include low light extended temperature situational awareness and uncompressed HD day cameras operating at the highest resolutions of streaming digital video standards like DEF STAN 00-82, part of UK MOD’s Generic Vehicle Architecture.

The engineering of armoured vehicle vision systems to meet extremes of shock and vibration while retaining camera and display performance over temperature, requires in depth multi-disciplinary understanding of the mechanical and electro-optic design issues. Our multi-disciplinary approach coupled with in house manufacturing, ensures we have both the expertise and flexibility to quickly respond as an member of vehicle OEM’s extended project teams.

GNAV Sensor 

Instro’s GNAV vehicle sensor is a self-contained differential GPS north finding, position and attitude determination module for all weather, all terrain measurement of vehicle bearing. The GNAV module is suitable for use in ferro-magnetic environments such as vehicles and ships where electronic compass-based solutions are not viable.

Vehicle Observation Systems 

By pre-configuring our motorised pan and tilts with 3rd party sensor payloads and factory fitted options for gyro and image stabilisation or video trackers. Typically used on vehicles or coastguard patrol boats, these observation systems deliver rugged capabilities with a price / performance and specification matched to large border agency deployments.

Cameras and Displays 

Instro’s E series cameras and displays leverage many years of experience in compact rugged mechanical design to ensure camera and display performance is maintained over extremes of temperature, shock and vibration and meet tight space constraints.


CHECKFIRE is a self-contained GNAV based field artillery safety system designed for use during field artillery training exercises to provide the safety officer with a remotely operated, independent and reliable means of verifying gun azimuth and elevation via a convenient radio link.