Instro to exhibit at DSEI 2017

Instro to exhibit at DSEI 2017

Instro’s Joint Fires targeting systems are a benchmark for accuracy, SWAP and EO integration. With market leading AFV cameras, displays and sights featured on AJAX and Warrior-CSP and mast mounted EO and designator solutions, Instro is a trusted partner for ISTAR and AFV systems.

Major exhibits this year will include Instro’s iFires, CRONUS main gun sight, XACT thermal weapon sights & NVG’s, and the SupervisIR persistent surveillance system.

The iFires system provides a modular open architecture targeting solution which can be integrated by with thermal cameras and EO target locators from leading OEM’s. The intuitive iFires software app enables production of high category coordinates for precision strike with industry leading SWAP (Size Weight & Power).

Based on breakthrough IR technology SupervisIR uniquely provides high resolution real-time IR panoramic situational awareness capabilities including automatic tracking of subjects of interest, rewind and replay and other features.

The XACT family of thermal weapon sights and night vision goggles are proven with leading armed forces and offer high end image quality in compact lightweight configurations suited to the needs of conventional / Special Forces and Law Enforcement agencies.

Deployed in more than 50 countries, Instro is a trusted name and partner at the forefront of Targeting, Surveillance and Armoured Vehicle systems.