Mantis (Copy)


  • Fixed and mobile border surveillance
  • Coastal surveillance
  • Port and shipping control
  • Customs and coastguard applications
  • Vehicle mounted applications
  • Maritime applications
  • Security & perimeter defence
  • Auto tracking applications
  • Line of sight stabilisation

For long range surveillance applications with large and heavier composite payloads, the Mantis is Instro's high capacity motorised pan and tilt.

Available in 'L' and 'U' configurations with a slipring assembly as standard, Mantis can be configured to handle an impressive range of sensors and sensor suites. The superior payload capacity of the Mantis makes it suitable for long range coastal and port authority surveillance installations as well as stabilised Naval applications.

The backlash free design is suited for applications requiring high positional repeatability for preset watch points, typical of port authority and critical infrastructure installations. Mantis is also rugged and capable of deployment on heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles for observation systems requiring a high degree of controllability and positional accuracy. With the addition of a tripod mount adapter, the Mantis is equally suited to ground deployment on a tripod such as the Instro Groundmaster.

The Mantis 'U' configuration includes a support arm which increases payload capacity and enables adaptation to wider, bulkier payloads by addition of custom spacer blocks to achieve optimum payload mass distribution.

The capabilities of the Mantis motorised pan & tilt can be further extended with factory configured options for gyro stabilisation, automatic video tracker, digital image stabiliser and marine grade environmental finish.

Key Specifications

  • Weight, 26kg (31kg with support arm)
  • Output torque, 100Nm
  • Mean velocity, between 0.0056° and 50°/s
  • Accuracy, 0.056° 1σ
  • Repeatability, 0.017° 1σ
  • Elevation range, +/-90°*
  • Azimuth range, continuous 360deg
  • Operating voltage, limit 20 to 32Vdc
  • Operating temperature, –32 to +71°/C

*User programmable software stops allow for limited arcs of travel within these ranges.


Starter kit consisting of power/comms cable and basic PC based controller application.


  • Gyro stabilisation
  • Auto tracking
  • Maritime colour and sealing
  • Customer tailored remote control consoles and system cabling
  • Customer specific mounting brackets
  • Customer specific paint colour
  • Support arm spacers

At a Glance

  • Modular unit, adaptable to suit a wide range of larger payload configurations and long range precision applications
    • Gyro stabilised option
    • Auto tracking option
    • Marine environment option
  • Very rugged and compact design
  • Environmentally sealed
  • High accuracy
  • Azimuth slipring as standard
  • RS-422 communications
  • Precise speed control
  • High axis speed (50°/s)
  • Highly resistant to shock and vibration
  • Payload capacity up to 100kg


Motorised Pan and Tilt

Instro's motorised pan and tilt units are characterised by high performance designs with milliradian accuracy and repeatability for precise remote control of camera and sensor payloads. With payload capacities up to 100Kg and variants suitable for land, sea and vehicle use, Instro's platforms offer an economic solution for a wide range of security, surveillance and positioning applications.

For systems requiring additional capability, factory fitted configuration options include:

•Gyro Stabilisation, to automatically maintain sensor line of sight in the presence of disturbances

•Digital Image Stabilisation, to electronically remove high frequency video jitter

•Auto Tracking, to automatically follow moving objects in the field of view

•Marinisation, to protect the pan and tilt from the harsh environment of marine and coastal applications

When observing on the move, Instro's latest D2 platform has the dynamic performance to suit integration on fast patrol boats and vehicles and equip them with HD quality streaming digital video at gigabit speeds.

Control of Instro's motorised platforms is either by using Instro's standard serial RS-422 interface, or on selected models via Ethernet.