LRF200 Series


  • Homeland security
  • Multifunction image sensors
  • Border surveillance systems
  • Civil engineering
  • Automotive & industrial metrology
  • Object tracking

The LRF200 Series of compact eyesafe OEM Laser Range Finder (LRF) modules are designed to allow system integrators to add laser range finder capabilities to surveillance systems efficiently, at low cost and with the minimum of effort.

The LRF200 Series modules are based on patented technology which improves maximum achievable range and/or precision whilst minimising optical power output.

Modules are controlled via a serial link and are available in a number of configurations currently based around two chassis forms. 'Open frame' versions feature electronic boards and associated 50mm optics built around a precision machined optical bench while the addition of an anodised aluminium enclosure completes the 'environmentally sealed' versions.

LRF200 Series modules are generally intended for integration into multi-sensor platforms. Environmentally sealed versions have the option of a factory fitted optical sight making them suitable for stand alone use.

Key Specifications

  • Range performance, Min <8m, Max 8000m
  • Eye safety, Class 1M Eye safe
  • Weight, 0.89kg ('open frame') 1.24kg ('sealed frame')
  • Overall size, 135 x 113 x 84mm ('open frame') 150 x 113 x 84mm ('sealed frame')
  • User configurable, range - precision - measurement rate
  • Multiple object capability, First / Last target
  • Wavelength, 1550nm (nominal)
  • Data connections, RS-232 (option RS-422)
  • Power supply, 10 to 30Vdc (nominal 12 to 24)
  • Operating temperature, –30 to +50°C
  • Tapped mounting points on the front and or base of the module


Starter kit consisting of power/comms cable and basic PC based controller application.


  • High Precision Mode (0.1m)
  • Accessory PCB module
  • Vehicle PSU and filtering
  • RS-422 control interface
  • Optical telescope kit
  • IP67 sealing of optics to chassis

At a Glance

  • Rugged and compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Easily integrated into OEM systems
  • Can be used stand alone
  • Versatile mechanical mounting arrangement
  • Measurement range <8 to 8000m
  • Eye safe 1550nm wavelength
  • Multiple object capability
  • RS-232 communications (422 option)
  • Wide power supply range (10-30Vdc)